Grey Shadow's International bodyguard Club

est. July 17th 2003 Moscow

KGB CP courses in Russia

We have no ordinary “instructors” for this kind of business. All our specialists are “working horses” and we have permanent contracts. That is why our approach is always real. We do not fantasize with CP, we do that.
KGB 100 So, to help colleagues with experience sharing we can use unique special center (venue) “SVIATOVIT”, located 5 km. from Moscow and 5 km. from Sheremetjevo (SHM - on tickets) airport.
Nearest accommodation venue -
hotel “MELIOR” *** ( two bed room - USD 100 per night) - 10 min. walk from “SVIATOVIT”. Transfer price is about 60 Euro per vehicle both ways.
“SVIATOVIT” is modern training center ever built (opened in October 2011) in Russia, or maybe elsewhere.
  • multimedia classroom (up to 12 persons)
  • fully equipped martial arts hall (Dodjo)
  • 25meters x 5 directions manual/automatic target control shooting range
  • swimming pool, training simulators & sauna

Main part of the course (run in here) :

  • basic CP skills
  • Paramedicine (EU standards - certificate)
  • shooting skills “TOP 9” standard test and additional drills ( 9 mm. various pistols, 100 rounds per person additional rounds is a subject to be discussed)
  • pedestrian escort, action in ambush, embus/debus, etc. tactic drills
  • KGB “Operative battle” SQB drills (2 morning hours daily)



Driving ground
AMK FSO ( Auto-moto Club of Federal Security Department) is located 22 km. from Moscow (transfer needed). Military instructors, one “Mersedes- Benz” S-class for every two students, 4 hours “behind the wheel” drills (AMK FSO personal diploma).

We suggest to use AMK FSO accommodation area (50 min7 drive from driving area, transfer included) for additional price (depends on persons quantity) and is a subject to be discussed (TBD). In this case airport transfers also included.

Special offer (could be organized for group of 8 minimum) - 4 days (16 hours) course.

  • Winter 4 days driving course price - Euro 1650 (approx. Euro 2150 per person for the group of four with accommodation and transfers, without meals)
  • Summer 4 days driving course price - Euro 2100 (dynamic plate, water barriers and extremely wet surface included, approx. Euro 2550 per person for the group of four with accommodation and transfers, without meals)

Radio commands and directions while practical drills, interpreter for theory and operative translation on the driving ground is needed
Price could be slightly changed (up or down) due to current exchange rate.

Current courses dates are planning from 19th to 22rd of January 2012


to get authorized permission for this course, you need to supply every attendee passport details one month BEFORE the course date!
Medical (travel) insurance (recognized by Russia authorities) and driving license is also needed.


Theory and practice 6 hour course (
“SVIATOVIT” location)

sample of the training equipment ( “safary” cover)
Modern observation reality.

Course budget options for group of 8 per person.
Diplomas, NAST Russia course pins.
Transfers, meals and accommodation not included.

  • 10 days without driving and counter sniper topic - Euro 2200
  • 10 days with counter sniper topic - Euro 2400
  • Driving course prices are already displayed above.

Note, detailed programm is TBD subject ! We give you a choice to spent your time and money with maximum efficiency and profit.

We apologize, but you see, for sole persons such a courses simply can’t be affordable.

Application & contacts e-mail:
cell. +7 926-235 -2508

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